St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic

St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic provides effective solutions for your health challenges using the best that Naturopathic Medicine has to offer.

The Naturopathic Doctors at St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic always strive to treat the root cause of a condition rather than simply suppressing the symptoms. A wide range of naturopathic treatment options are available and applied with a scientific approach. The doctors, staff and environment of the clinic are warm and welcoming yet professional and results oriented. We believe that you will find the best balance of science and nature behind our doors.

Whether you want to treat a specific disease, focus on prevention
or achieve optimal health, we can help.

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St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Richmond and Dr. Tocher-Richmond are a husband and wife team and founders of St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic. They have both been practicing naturopathic medicine in the area for over 15 years and have helped thousands of patients from all areas of Alberta along their journeys to wellness. More recently the clinic has been privileged to welcome a third talented Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. David Vojtisek to the team.

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