We help people of all ages, from infants to seniors.

Virtually all chronic and most acute conditions can benefit from treatment by the Naturopathic Doctors at St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic. We help people of all ages, from infants to seniors.The most common conditions brought to the clinic include:


Sniff, snuffle, cough, itch, wheeze. These are not symptoms of a “Reactine” or “Aerius” deficiency. While these medications may be effective for symptomatic control in some patients, they fail to look at the underlying cause of the allergic biochemistry and solve anything. In our clinic, we will take a detailed history, review or order further testing if required and examine the case to look at the root cause of allergic onset. For some patients, there is a genetic aspect, for others it is related to stress and fatigue weakening the immune system. We have seen patients cases related to environmental toxicity, chemical sensitivity and definitely lots of food allergic or sensitive patients. As always with Naturopathic Medicine, we will look to the root cause of your individual case and recommend treatment plans including detoxifying the liver, improving immune system, reducing inflammation and healing the intestinal wall all in an effort to reduce immune hypersensitivity.