Booking An Appointment

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Step 1:

Decide that you are prepared to take care of yourself.

The role of any doctor is to teach and provide appropriate medicines to speed healing. Exceptional health requires personal motivation. If you are ready to make a difference, then you are ready for an appointment.

Please find the following intake forms:

Step 2:

Call the office (780) 459-5601 to schedule your initial consultation.

Generally patients may find an appointment that fits their schedule within one to two weeks. Our friendly receptionists will aid you in this step.

Initial Visit for adults and children take approximately one hour and will include detailed health history, a complaint-oriented physical exam, in-office testing and an inital prescription may be given. Further testing may be requested and follow up appointment will be scheduled within an appropriate time period.

Integrated Cancer Consultation is a cancer focused initial consult that takes 1.5 hours.  We have seen over the years, that patients have many questions and require research outside of office hours.  Please notify the receptionist when booking an initial visit with the main concern of cancer in order to schedule your time properly.

Please arrive at the office 10 minutes before your appointment in order to fill out intial paperwork. If possible, be prepared to give a urine sample during your office visit.

Step 3:

Follow Up Visit

Take approximately 30 minutes and will be case specific. Some patients require a review of the case and further prescriptions, others will receive therapies or further health education.