Natural health products prove effective for allergic rhinitis

Dr. Rebecca Tocher-Richmond, ND

Allergy season is upon us and many of our patients are looking for alternatives to pharmacological therapies.  This systematic review aims to synthesize the available evidence relating to the treatment of allergic rhinitis with a variety of natural health products. A total of 57 062 articles were derived from searching seven online databases and evidence from 48 RCTs and 10 observational studies were reviewed. Promising evidence for the following single supplements were found: apple polyphenols, tomato extract, spirulina, chlorophyll, honey, conjugated linoleic acid, MSM, isoquercitrin, vitamins C, D and E, as well as probiotics. Combination formulas may also be beneficial, particularly specific probiotic complexes, a mixture of vitamin D3, quercetin and Perilla frutescens, as well as the combination of vitamin D3 and L. reuteri.   Clearly there are many options for the natural treatment and prevention of allergies.

Pellow J, Nelte A, Temane A, Solomon, EM.  Health supplements for allergic rhinitis: A mixed-methods systematic review.  Complementary Therapies in Medicine. June 2020.