Dr. David Vojtisek, ND


Hydrotherapy includes a broad spectrum of techniques using water in various ways to improve different aspects of health and well-being as well as treating various health conditions. An easy, do-it-yourself technique is called “contrast bathing or contrast showers.” Its practice has been studied and shown to improve immune function by increasing the numbers of white blood cells produced in our bodies and increasing their activity as well.

Here is how it is done; keep in mind that you always need to spend more time in the heat (usually 3x longer in the heat) and always end with cold (as cold as you can stand it).

· Shower in warm/hot water for 3-5 minutes.

· Now turn off the hot water and shower under cool/cold water for 1 minute only.

· Repeat 3-5 times

Various studies have shown that practicing the above can reduce sick days by up to 30% and increase white blood cell (immune) activity by 33%!

Dr.Vojtisek is an enthusiastic proponent of hydrotherapy and practices it daily himself, give it a try!!