Posted by Dr.David Vojtisek

Most people are familiar with the term probiotics by now and most Naturopathic Doctors consider a good quality probiotic to be one of the core supplements in their treatment plans. This is largely due to all the ongoing research in this area of health maintenance.

Probiotics are now being considered as a possible intervention for patients with high blood cholesterol levels. There are many mechanisms by which probiotic bacteria can effect cholesterol metabolism in the body. Examples are their effects on bile salt de-conjugation, which reduces cholesterol absorption, and certain bacteria’s ability to directly metabolize cholesterol into less absorbable forms.

Various tests are available at the St.Albert Naturopathic Clinic by which our doctors can identify the particular bacterial species present in your digestive tract which then allows them to take steps to balance/improve the make-up of your microbiome leading to improvements in various facets of your health.


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