Applied Kinesiology

by Dr. Allison Rhonda, ND

Applied Kinesiology is a clinical assessment technique that examines a muscle’s ability to resist applied pressure in order to gain information about the health of the overall body.

This technique has been shown to be a useful assessment tool when used by trained practitioners.  When combined with other supportive and functional tests, it can be used to evaluate and assess the health of an individual.

Kinesiology relates to how nerves stimulate muscles that act upon bones in order to produce posture and movement.  Applied Kinesiology tests an individual’s biomechanics to assess the functional integrity of the nervous system and the muscles.

It does this by gently challenging the muscular system, which is connected by the nervous system to all parts of the body. How the muscles respond to resistance and provocation can show the functional status of the interconnected systems of the human body.

A minimal amount of force is applied to a targeted muscle or muscle group to assess its ability to meet pressure and resist. We are looking at the tension in the muscle and the smoothness of response. We can also introduce other elements such as nutrients and allergens to test how an individual’s physiology reacts to the provocation.

If the response shows a loss of strength in a normally strong muscle, we will assess what might be needed to restore its function. Dysfunction in the body can be the result of structural, chemical, and / or mental health problems. The interaction of these areas of health is part of the basic principles of functional medicine.

If the primary problem or root cause is not addressed and treated, the same symptoms can return, or other secondary problems could occur. By using techniques like applied kinesiology, we can assess which body system is disturbed and which treatment modalities would be best suited to improve an individual’s health concerns.

By taking the information we learn from applied kinesiology tests and adding it to other clinical and laboratory tests, we can create a comprehensive assessment and treatment protocol for your health.