10 Symptoms of Low Vitamin D

Dr. David Vojtisek, ND

With winter fast approaching, it is important to check one’s Vitamin D3 levels. Here are 10 signs that you may not be getting enough Vitamin D3:

  1. Depression or anxiety
  2. Low bone density or fractures
  3. Fatigue and generalized weakness
  4. Muscle cramps and weakness
  5. Joint pain (most noticeable in the back and knees)
  6. Blood sugar issues
  7. Low immunity
  8. Low calcium levels in the blood
  9. Mood changes and irritability
  10. Weight gain

Dr.Vojtisek suggests testing vitamin D levels in October/November for those living in Alberta in order to make a sound clinical decision on recommended vitamin D dosages to be taken through the winter. Vitamin D3 testing is available at our clinic.

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